Modular ventilation systems 10 models with a capacity of 400–20,000 m 3 / h. They are used for ventilation and air conditioning of small and medium-sized objects.

Installations for the dehumidification of air and climate maintenance in indoor pools, spa centers Dehumidification capacity 5 kg / h – 97 kg / h 15 models with a capacity of 1000–32 000 m 3 / h Double refrigerant circuit, heat exchanger for condensation heat recovery and heating of pool water and heat exchanger - exhaust air heat regenerator

Installations with cross-flow heat exchangers 9 models with a capacity of 300–5,200 m 3 / h Installations are equipped with aluminum plate heat exchangers with an efficiency of 65%, and plate regenerators for utilization of latent heat with temperature efficiency up to 80% and enthalpy efficiency up to 70%. Low power consumption achieved by using brushless EU electric motors

Low profile ventilation units of 14 standard sizes, capacity of 720–4 500 m 3 / h Compact units for use in residential and commercial construction. The installation includes a main module including a water heat exchanger, a fan.

Horizontal / vertical air dryers Dehumidification capacity 4.5 kg / h – 35 kg / h Capacity 1000–9 000 m 3 / h 9 models for medium-sized pools. Installations are equipped with a single heat exchanger for condensation heat recovery, which is used to heat the pool, after reaching the value of the supply air temperature setting

Installations with crossflow and heat exchangers 8 models with capacity of 150–2 000 m 3 / h Compact units with a static regenerator made of a special material, allowing to regenerate both apparent and latent heat (moisture) with an average temperature efficiency of 75%. To improve energy efficiency, it is possible to use brushless DC motors.

Installations with crossflow heat exchangers 2 models 560–730 m 3 / h for small rooms: restaurants, bars, sports halls, for constant supply of fresh air.

Highly efficient heat exchangers 6 models with a capacity of 300–8,200 m 3 / h The units are equipped with countercurrent aluminum plate heat exchangers with an efficiency of> 90%. Also used as roof conditioners (rooftop).

Thermodynamic recuperators 15 models with a capacity of 3,300–40,000 m 3 / h. Perfect solution for air preparation with high recovery efficiency. Installations are equipped with a thermodynamic recovery system adapted to 48 ° C with COP> 9. Installations are equipped with heat pipe heat exchangers or cross flow heat exchangers and an automatic control system.


Thermodynamic heat exchangers 7 models productivity y 350–4 500 m 3 / h Installation with a two-stage heat exchanger: the first step is a cross-flow plate heat exchanger, the second step is an electric heat pump. Extremely high efficiency in the winter / summer period with compact dimensions.

Rooftop air conditioners (rooftopes) Capacity 2 300–52 000 m 3 / h Cooling capacity 10–310 kW Solutions of various configurations are possible for medium / large facilities, the service sector, industry, medical facilities