Complete transformer substations of their own needs.
Three-phase alternating current frequency 50 Hz for voltage up to 10kV, with a capacity of 100 to 1000 kVA, are intended for reception,
power conversion and distribution to consumers enterprises of various industries



Shields and distribution points Devices complete low-voltage DC boards voltage of 220 V and 110 V (SHPT), are intended for operation:
in their own power supply systems of normal operation (SNE) of a nuclear power plant (NPP) and systems
Emergency Power Supply (EPS) of NPPs of DC networks with rated voltage of 220 V and 110 V; at power plants, in electrical installations of power systems industrial, oil and gas companies to enter and DC power distribution to consumers own needs.

Leroy Sommer

Switchgear 6/10 kV
Switchgear nominal working voltage of the main circuit 6, 10kV AC three-phase current industrial frequency 50Hz from 630 to 3150A, intended for installations in switchgears of power plants, including the number of nuclear power plants, as well as in electrical power systems various industries..


Devices complete low-voltage controls and distribution
Devices complete low-voltage control and distribution (NKU), are intended for management, automatic equipment, protection, signaling, reception and distribution of electrical energy power plants, including nuclear power plants (NPP), substations and other energy facilities.
NKU are made according to electric circuits and general types (with location of devices) received from Customers (developers).


Low Voltage Switchgear and Control Units (NKU), cabinet execution, (hereinafter referred to as CRUZ S), with rated operating voltage of the main circuit 380 V (660 V) AC, are intended for installation in switchgears of power plants, including nuclear stations (AC), as well as in electrical installations of power systems of various industries and meeting modern technical level of safety and quality.


Automated process control systems processes and equipment ACS FOR HEAT ENERGY:
• Process control system for power units, GTU and PGU
• Process control system for turbine generators
• Process control systems for boilers of low, medium and high power
• Process control system by turbine unit
• Power and distribution cabinets APCS

Stamford AvK

Cabinets of relay protection and automation
Cabinets of relay protection and automation (hereinafter referred to as SHRZA) "Vector", designed for use in relay protection systems and automation equipment of stations and substations voltage up to 750 kV inclusive. These cabinets are made on base of modern microprocessor devices of relay protection and automation, including the functions of protection, control, diagnostics, registration and storage of emergency information.


The blocks are designed for placement:
- for placement in the industrial premises of the free zone access;
- for placement in the production area of the controlled access, including containment area;

by appointment:
- for switching the electric circuit of the valves;
- for switching electric circuits of regulating valves;
- for switching circuits of electric actuators of valves and fittings by type of plume used:
- for systems in the production premises of the free access zone and controlled access zones.